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Personal Finance 101

Spoiler alert: Credit cards are not free money.

Want to have a big house, five cars, and live large? We won't make any guarantees, but this course will at least marginally boost your chances of becoming so rich that you have a Bentley as your P.O.S. (piece of something-smelly) car. And it will definitely lower your chances of carrying around one of those sticks with a cloth bag on the end (unless the cloth bag holds gold bars or your secret password to the Swiss bank account).

There are certain things that smart people do with their money. We're talking:

  • Banking
  • Savings
  • Investment
  • Avoiding Bad Debt
  • Budgeting

and buying a car, a house, and a college education without breaking the bank.

Want the good things in life? This course shows you how to get 'em.

Course Breakdown

Unit 1. Personal Finance 101

This short course contains everything Shmoop thinks you need to know about money by the time you graduate from high school. We'll cover bank accounts, credit cards, paying for college—even insurance and the basics of taxes.

Sample Lesson - Introduction

Lesson 11: It'll Cost You

This is the perfect vehicle for your new construction job. It's even got a place for the company wheelbarrow.

You've just decided to purchase a car with a $3,000 sound system. It's got sub woofers, side speakers, the works. The key is really those sub woofers. They cost a lot, but they make all the difference.

For the $500 you have left, the used car salesman sells you an excellent car. There aren't any brakes, but no biggie: just drag your feet on the ground, Flintstone-style. Good thing you can use this baby to get to work. You'll need that paycheck to fix whatever is causing that smoke to come out the back, because despite what the salesman told you, no it is not normal.

Of course, repairs aren't all you'll pay for when you own a car. Soon you'll be selling the sub woofers and doing wheelbarrow-style construction jobs just to pay for the darn thing. Keep reading to find out how insurance, gas, and repairs add up to make car ownership another one of those privileges you pay for.

  • Course Length: 3 weeks
  • Grade Levels: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, College
  • Course Type: Short Course
  • Category:
    • College Prep
    • Life Skills
    • Middle School
    • High School

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