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by Bram Stoker

Jonathan Harker Timeline and Summary

  • Jonathan travels to Transylvania on business—he's supposed to meet with a nobleman named Count Dracula to help him buy a house in London.
  • He's having a great trip until he realizes that the Count isn't quite human, and shares the castle with three undead women who want to suck his blood.
  • He escapes from the castle through an upper window and manages to make his way to Budapest before collapsing with a terrible brain fever from the shock.
  • When Mina hears about his illness and arrives, they get married.
  • He goes back to England with her.
  • He inherits a lot of money when his former boss dies.
  • He and Mina join forces with Van Helsing and the others to kill Dracula.
  • He falls into a vampire-induced trance at a bad moment and wakes to find Mina infected with Dracula's blood.
  • He's really motivated now! All set to kill that vampire.
  • He travels to Transylvania with the Crew of Light and helps kill Dracula.