Essay Lab Glossary



An introduction is the first paragraph of an essay. We know you consider yourself an innovator, but you really shouldn't put it last. Who knows what may happen if you go disrupting the natural order of the universe so willy-nilly.

Your introduction might begin with a hook, and it often ends with the thesis. Its job is to get the reader's attention (Hey! Yoo-hoo! Over here!) and then provide the background information the reader needs in order to understand the thesis. It helps readers get comfortable with the topic, easing them into the essay rather than dropping them right into it. Encouraging the reader to don a Snuggie while they read may also make them more comfortable, but we don't recommend it.

In your introduction, you'll probably also want to tell your reader why the topic ("What is this essay about?") is significant, and you may need to give the reader some necessary background information so that there's some context for your ideas. That's right—we're asking for a background check.

The last part of the introduction is your thesis. Because you like to save the best for last.