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College Application Essay

The college application essay is that thing you have to write in order to get accepted to the college of your dreams.

Yeah, we know you're stressed out about this thing. But you shouldn't be...at least not too much. Why? You've got all the tools you need at your disposal to help the admissions committee fall in love with your application: your noggin, your interesting life experiences, the amazing writing skills you've acquired in high school, and Shmoop (obviously).

Just choose an application prompt, and you're on your way.

As you work your way through each section, don't forget to click on all the tabs. We've got helpful hints, examples, and videos along the way to make sure your final product is good as gold.

What's Included in Shmoop's College Application Essay Lab?

  • A step-by-step walkthrough of how to tackle a college application essay
  • Tips for writing a college application essay from start to finish
  • Examples of successful (and not-so-successful) college application essays
  • Tips on how to write compelling anecdotes, with examples and explanations
  • Videos explaining how to structure a college application essay
  • Help with brainstorming, writing, and revising
  • An outline wizard to help get your thoughts in order

Translation: everything you need to write a killer college application essay.

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