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A Farewell to Arms

A Farewell to Arms


by Ernest Hemingway

Frederic Henry Timeline and Summary

  • Frederic and Catherine meet in the Italian town of Gorizia where she works as a V.A.D. nurse, and he drives ambulances for the Red Cross in the Italian army.
  • They begin a romantic relationship, but Frederic gets called to the front, and is wounded by a mortar shell.
  • He’s transported to an American hospital in Milan, and Catherine follows him there. When he sees her he knows he’s in love with her. They are together in Milan for approximately three months, he convalescing, and she tending to the wounded.
  • Frederic insults Miss Van Camden and loses his leave time.
  • He and Catherine get a room and then he goes back to Gorizia and back to the front.
  • He works like crazy during the retreat, but when he loses most of the men with him, he thinks it’s time to make a change. So he swims across the river, deserting his post without permission.
  • Back in Milan he finds out that Catherine is in Stresa, Italy, and he goes there to find her.
  • After a few days together they flee to Switzerland in the night when they hear Frederic is to be arrested in the morning.
  • They live together happily in Switzerland until the baby is due.
  • The baby and Catherine both die in the hospital and Frederic walks back to the hotel in the rain.