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Finance Glossary

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Market Risk


There are lots of risks when you invest money; two of the most common categories of risk are

  • unsystematic risk
  • systematic risk (also known as market risk)

Unsystematic risk refers to risks linked to a specific stock or security. So you buy stocks in your dad's ice cream company, and the company goes bankrupt (who knew pork rind ice cream would prove so unpopular?). That's unsystematic risk, and you can help reduce some of your risk by diversifying your investments and at least investing in some companies that are likely to do well.

Market risk affects a whole market, and it happens because of things like terrorist attacks, natural disasters, political upheaval, and zombie apocalypses. There's no real way to protect yourself against market risk.

Just take your vitamins and hope you don't get bitten by the walking dead, we guess.