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The Great Depression

The Great Depression

The Great Depression Trivia

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In 1931, African colonial subjects in the Cameroons raised a collection of $3.77, mailing it to the mayor of New York City to aid America's starving.32

In 1933, 100,000 Americans applied for visas to emigrate to the Soviet Union in search of better work opportunities.33

Townsend Plan adherents proposed that the government provide a $200 monthly pension to every American over age 60. The Social Security program that was eventually adopted actually provided a payment of just $20 per month.34

By the mid-1930s, the Communist Party USA had about 30,000 members. Huey Long's Share Our Wealth Clubs had more than 7.5 million.35

By the end of 1932, 30-45 million people listened to Father Charles Coughlin's radio program every week.36

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