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Help I'm Alive

Help I'm Alive


by Metric

Help I'm Alive Introduction

We all know the feeling of being our own worst enemy. Stress makes us crazy: sweaty palms, racing heartbeat, crippling fear... how are we ever supposed to get anything done under pressure? Emily Haines of Metric sure knows this feeling. In fact, she got herself out of a creative rut by writing this very song. Face your fears with this upbeat (if slightly creepy) track - it's readymade stress relief in mp3 format.

About the Song

ArtistMetric Musician(s)Emily Haines (vocals), James Shaw (guitar), Josh Winstead (bass), Joules Scott-Key (drums)
LabelLast Gang Records
Writer(s)Emily Haines
Producer(s)John O'Mahoney
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The members of Metric aren't the only ones who get stressed out by heartbeats.

Bum-bum. Bum-bum. Bum-bum.

Now imagine that the heartbeat you hear isn't coming from inside your own chest. It's coming from under the floorboards. From the heart of a guy you just murdered.

Bum-bum. Bum-bum. Bum-bum.

Creeped out? Need closure? Well, we wouldn't want to spoil a classic story by Edgar Allan Poe. Check out "A Tell-Tale Heart" to find out how it all ends.

Bum-bum. Bum-bum. Bum-bum.

On the Charts

Fantasies was released April 7, 2009, and has so far hit #6 in Canada, #48 in Australia and #76 in the U.S.

Fantasies certified Gold in Canada

"Help I'm Alive" was released as a single in 2008 and peaked at #30 on the U.S. Rock Charts, #17 on U.S. Alternative Charts, and #21 in Canada

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