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Number of pamphlets published between 1750 and 1776 addressing the Anglo-American controversy: over 400
…number published between 1776 and 1783: 1,100

Population of the colony of New York in 1771: 163,348
…percentage that was white: 88%
…percentage that was male: 52%
…percentage under the age of 16: 46%

Number of newspapers in the mainland colonies in 1775: 38

Population of Boston in 1775: 16,000
…of Newport, Rhode Island: 11,000
…of New York City: 25,000
…of Philadelphia: 33,500
…of Charleston, South Carolina: 12,000.

Total colonial population in 1776: almost 2.5 million.

Number of slaves in the colonies in 1776: 500,000
Ratio of free colonists to slaves: 4 to 1

Number of members of the Virginia delegation to the Continental Congress that did not own slaves: 0

Population of Massachusetts in 1776: 290,900
Black population of Massachusetts in 1776: 4,761 (1.6%)

Number of states that had drafted and adopted constitutions by the end of 1776: 10
Number of states that had drafted and adopted constitutions even before the national Declaration of Independence on 4 July 1776: 2

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