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John Milton Movies & TV

Paradise Lost: The Movie (2011?)

Competing Paradise Lost movies? Crazy as it sounds, two separate films on Paradise Lost will be released in the near future, thanks to the strange politics of Hollywood. Paradise Lost: The Movie is the indie version of the epic. Shall we expect a fast-talking, pop culture-referencing God and Satan with a scraggly goatee?

Paradise Lost (2012?)

This is the big-budget, special effects-filled version of Paradise Lost, slated for release after its indie rival. Though this could also be a complete disaster, few showdowns in history are as ripe for CGI interpretation as the battle between God and Satan. We are REALLY excited for the scene when they throw mountains.

Paradise Lost by John Basinger

Actor John Basinger has memorized all twelve books of Paradise Lost. While this alone is an impressive feat, he also has created a one-man show in which he plays all the characters in Milton's poem. The show takes three days to perform, but fortunately this DVD does not take three days to watch.

Paradise Lost: The Lives and Times of John Milton (2007)

This educational video about Milton's life provides an overview of the complicated political times in which he lived - and which shaped his work.

The Devil's Advocate (1997)

Keanu Reeves is a lawyer whose client (Al Pacino) turns out to be the devil. You know what the devil's name is? John Milton! These people are so literary and subtle!

Sabrina (1995)

In this remake of a classic Audrey Hepburn film (also lovely), the title character explains to her love interest that she takes her name from Milton's poem Comus. In the poem, a spirit calls out to a savior to rescue her. Her lover assumes that Sabrina is the name of the helpless virgin spirit; Sabrina, she corrects him, is actually the savior.

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