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Orpheus and Eurydice Photos

    Just Hanging Out
    This was pre-Underworld drama. Check out that lyre! [Nicolas Poussin, Orphée et Eurydice (1650-1651)]

    Snake Bite
    Ouch! [Titian, Orpheus and Eurydice (c. 1508)]

    Charming the Masses
    We told you, even the camels loved his music! [Aelbert Cuyp, Orpheus with Animals in a Landscape (c. 1640)]

    Don't Look Back
    On their way out. So close, but yet so far. [Peter Paul Rubens, Orpheus and Eurydice (1636-1638)]

    This Way, My Dear
    This seems to be one of the calmer paintings of Orpheus leading Eurydice out of Hades. If that's what the Underworld looked like, we wouldn't mind a vacation there. [Corot, Orpheus (1830)]

    Here Today, Gauze Tomorrow
    Eurydice slipping away. Sorry, Orpheus, you're not going to catch her (spoiler alert!). [Christian Gottlieb Kratzenstein, Orpheus and Eurydice (1806)]

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