Shmooping Praxis I

Praxis makes perfect

What is Praxis I?

Praxis Shmaxis. It's 3+ hours of your life (just on test day, let alone all the annoying studying…) that you could have been playing golf, shopping at Target or pruning your roses. But no, you wanted this teaching gig.

But huzzah - your pals at Shmoop are here to spray WD-40 on the tracks of Yawndom. We are here to remove friction from your study.

What exactly are you studying?

Well, technically, it's called the Praxis I Pre-Professional Skills Test and it has three parts: Writing and Reading, Mathematics. Ok, we messed with the order so it'd spell WARM. (We're pretty clever, huh?)

What can Shmoop do for you?

  • Hilarious narrative. Sprite-out-your-nose funny.
  • Provide a ton of practice questions.
  • Test-specific strategies.

Just so you know…

  1. 1

    We've been there.

  2. 2

    You already know these concepts, so we're trying to make these reviews as painless as possible.

  3. 3

    We'll pump you up to be a teacher.

Is Praxis mandatory in your state?

Praxis exams aren't mandatory in every State in the country except Euphoria and Depression. Check with your locals if this root canal is a must-do for you. And if it is, come see us. We guarantee we'll make it painless.*

*Guarantee not guaranteed.