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Learning Japanese can be a bit of an adjustment. Instead of just memorizing your "ABC"s, you now have to learn a few thousand kanji. Which, aside from meaning that you need to familiarize yourself with a brand new set of images and symbols, makes it much harder to play Battleship.

Shmoop’s SAT Japanese with Listening guide will soon have you punishing the Subject Test like a sumo wrestler. And fortunately, the SAT doesn’t have a similar dress code.

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What's Inside our Online SAT Japanese with Listening Subject Test Prep:

Test-Taking Tips

Learn tips designed specifically for the SAT Japanese with Listening exam. How to deal with kanji? Check. What to do when faced with spoken Japanese? Check. How to choose the right particle? はい.

Two Full-Length Practice Exams

We know you have a hankering to answer 80 questions about Japanese in 60 minutes. Luckily for you, we've doubled the fun. Shmoop has two full-length SAT Japanese practice exams. Knock yourself out. Just remember to pick yourself back up off the mat and bow afterward.

Practice Drills

If you're down with listening to Japanese game shows, but the prospect of deciphering polite speech makes you weak in the knees, don't panic: Shmoop's got you covered with oodles of drill questions. So find yourself a nice, quiet spot at the library, and try not to get chosen for “slapping machine.”

Shmoop—sharper than a katana.

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