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I'm a big believer in visualizing success. I was a late bloomer, but Mom always told me to picture myself as the largest land mammal in North America. Now who's the size of a small pickup truck? This buffalo.

Contracts and Compensation for Investment Advisers

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Contracts and Compensation for Investment Advisers

When AmericanEagleGold drew up a client contract for Bubbie, they gave her the standard boilerplate AmericanEagleGold contract, which was somewhat short on details, except when it came to compensation for AmericanEagleGold. In their conversations, Myron glossed. Glossed like Candide’s Pangloss could only gloss. But in the codicles to the addenda to the attachments in the extra files, which were “lost” on the initial signing effort, the compensation was spelled out clearly.

“It’s a stan...

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