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The Giver

The Giver


by Lois Lowry

Jonas's Father Timeline and Summary

  • Jonas's Father shares his feelings with the family at dinner. He talks about his concern for a newchild who is sick and may be released soon. His name is Gabriel. He says he may bring the baby home, since it needs extra attention, especially at night.
  • After dinner, Jonas's father speaks with Jonas about the upcoming Ceremony of Twelve.
  • Jonas's Father brings home Gabriel.
  • After Jonas shares his dream about Fiona, Jonas's Father whisks Lily off to school so Jonas's Mother can talk to him in private about the pills he has to take.
  • At the Ceremony, Jonas's Father takes part in giving the new Ones to their families. We find out that he petitioned on behalf of Gabe to wait another year and see if the boy is healthy enough to stay in the community. Along with the rest of the family, he has to sign a form promising not to get emotionally attached to the child.
  • After Jonas is selected as the new Receiver, both his parents tell him what an honor it is.
  • Jonas's Father is happy to see that Gabriel is doing well sleeping in Jonas's room, so they decide to leave the crib in there.
  • Jonas's Father discusses a new set of twins that have been born, and admits he'll have to pick one of them to get released.
  • Jonas watches the tape of this release and sees his Father give one of the babies a lethal injection.
  • When Jonas finally does go home, he just pretends that nothing is wrong. His Father announces that Gabriel is going to be released after all, since he isn't healthy enough. This spurs Jonas into action, so he steals Gabe and heads off into the denouement.