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Toni Morrison Websites

The Toni Morrison Society

The Toni Morrison Society is an organization of academics and Morrison fans who arrange conferences and other events based on her career and values. The website isn't too active, but it does contain a biography of Morrison and information on joining the society.

The Nobel Foundation

The announcement of Morrison's Nobel win in 1993 came as a joyful surprise to those who had long admired Morrison's uniquely poetic voice. Her page on the official Nobel Foundation website contains the text of her acceptance speeches, as well as a biography, excerpts of her work and other useful links.

African American Literature Book Club

This site celebrates Morrison's place in the pantheon of great African-American writers. It has a detailed biography of the writer, as well as information on all of her books. Users of the site voted her their favorite author of the 20th century.

The Toni Morrison Anchor

This interesting site from the University at Buffalo is sort of an Internet hub for all Toni Morrison-related pages. From here you can click on a wealth of links related to each of her books. Not all of them are live, but the ones that are lead to interesting essays, reviews and websites related to her writing.

Voices from the Gaps

Voices from the Gaps is a program at the University of Minnesota that brings together information on women artists of color. Toni Morrison's page offers a thoughtfully written critical biography as well as a bibliography and other information.

Margaret Garner: A New American Opera

The true story of Margaret Garner, a slave who murdered her own child to save her from a life of servitude, was Morrison's inspiration for Beloved. Her story was also made into an opera. The website for the opera offers historical insights into one of Morrison's most celebrated books.

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