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Uncle Tom's Cabin

Uncle Tom's Cabin


by Harriet Beecher Stowe

Augustine St. Clare Timeline and Summary

  • St. Clare buys Tom after he saves Eva.
  • St. Clare introduces Miss Ophelia to the plantation and the servants.
  • He has many conversations with Miss Ophelia about the problems with slavery, including the fact that he thinks it’s hypocrisy to defend it on religious grounds.
  • St. Clare describes his attempts to reform slavery to Miss Ophelia. It frustrated him so much that he left the plantation life. But he didn’t free his slaves – no, he just uses them to help him spend money rather than to help him make money.
  • Eva elicits a promise from St. Clare to free Tom when she dies.
  • When Eva dies, St. Clare resolves to do something for the poor and lowly. He starts by letting Tom know that he plans to make him a free man.
  • That night, St. Clare is wounded in a knife fight at a local pub.
  • He repents of his sins and becomes a Christian on his deathbed.
  • Then he dies.