Majoring in anything else just doesn't add up.


Elvis Presley once said, "I have no use for bodyguards, but I have very specific use for two highly trained certified public accountants" (Source). Why? Everyone needs an accountant.

From celebs to large companies to wee commoners like us, accountants are always in high demand, and having job security is certainly advantageous. Accountants have a real way with numbers, as in they're not scared of them. Most accountant majors get employed right after college, even in a poor economy.

After college, a lot of accounting majors go on to get certified as a public accountant (or CPA, for those of you in the know). That way, they can work for private or public companies, offer financial advice to people, do taxes, or even become stockbrokers. The great thing about the accounting major is its practicality.

Not only do accounting majors have job security, but they're total tax pros, too. Sorry, H&R Block—your services aren't needed here—and around April, that's a big relief. However, with all the money an accountant makes, they might just hire someone to do their taxes anyway. After all, they know what stocks to buy, what investments to make. Pfft, let the plebes do the grunt work.

Percentage of US students who major in Accounting:


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