The fine art of fancy titles and European jet-setting. How will you ever manage?


Have you been glued to VH1 since before the Internet made everyone a music video aficionado? Were you the first kid in your high school to sport a long-top haircut this decade—way before hipsters knew they were cool? Then you, my friend, are a trendsetter. You know what's in before it's the old black, and that's what'll make you a star...supporter. Discoverer. Handler. (Otherwise known as: The Next Big Thing's Manager.)

Someone has to run the show, seeing as how it must go on and all.

Yes, we know your deepest professional aspirations. And if you allow us just a few moments of your time, we'll open your mind to a career that's almost as cool as getting your own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Almost.

The arts management major is one of the most versatile art majors around. It can lead to many different careers in the real world, so when adults ask you, "What are you going to do with that art degree, Johnny Boy?" without even attempting to disguise their disdain, you'll have a laundry list of profitable answers at the ready. Arts management major tested, Mother approved.

Some of the arts management-induced excitement will start while you're in school. As you embark on your journey in the major, you'll get to enjoy a wide variety of courses. You will likely take classes as far-ranging as business, marketing, fundraising, entrepreneurship, art history, figure drawing, and more. No narrow thinking for you.

And then the fun really begins. See, behind every great artist, performer, or venue is a savvy ninja-type who has a degree in arts management. As Hot New Thing's manager, you get to be the best of both worlds. You've got an artistic edge, but you also have a black belt in business. You'll be one of those guys or gals who A-List Artists lovingly call, "My people."

That is, if you've got a foolhardy work ethic, have a shrewd eye for trends, and possess an even more brilliant brain for business. This major isn't for those with a paltry skill set or for those wilting-flower types who can't work a room. If you want it, you will need to push it. Push it real good.

Famous People who majored in Arts Management

None. Just like we said, these smarties may live the rock star lifestyle but they stay behind the scenes.

People who could have majored in Arts Management

  • Tony Mendez (from Argo), Film Producer
  • Jerry Maguire (from Jerry Maguire), Sports Agent
  • PBS Director of Development
  • IMG Artists, Artist Manager
  • The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Director of Jazz Programming

Percentage of US students who major in Arts Management:

16.38% (in business-related majors in general. Actual arts management majors are rare, diamond-studded birds.)

Stats obtained from this source.