Art and science join forces to make people look pretty.


Everybody wants to look nice, right? Of course they do. But are you someone who's obsessed with the idea of making yourself and the people around you look nice? Do you spend hours toiling in front of mirrors, trying to get your makeup perfect or your hair just right? If so, cosmetology services might be the major for you. (Yes, you can major in beauty...sort of.)

But before you get your Edward Scissorhands on, there are a few things you need to know. Cosmetology services includes a lot of different kinds of skills. So if you choose this as your major, you're probably going to need to pick a specific point of interest. Cosmetology majors can do all kinds of things, like styling hair (a popular choice), working with nails, and managing a salon. Or hey, why not all three? The world is your oyster, Shmooper.

Cosmetology service majors can learn many other things, too, like what's the best goopy gunk to put on a dry face and hey, what is the point of putting cucumbers on your eyes? We also can't forget about manicures, pedicures, and massages.

Ooh, which reminds us: we need to schedule a mani-pedi appointment. Our nails are wrecked ever since we had that nail-biting contest. Who knew we could reach our toes?

Anyway, no matter what your particular interests are, a large part of becoming a cosmetologist is learning safety and health code standards and maintaining clean work spaces for employees and customers. After all, the last thing you want is someone to come into your shop for a pedicure and leave with foot fungus.

No, thank you.

But worry not—these protocols are taught and tested in the required classes for cosmetology service majors. So just go to class, do your work, and you'll graduate with incredible beauty skills and the ability to practice them safely and sanitarily.

You'll also learn other salon basics, like how to maintain and use the tools of your trade, general customer service skills, and professionalism—which includes not coming to work in a crop top and American flag underwear (we're looking at you, Will Ferrell).

And you know what? If cosmetology really tickles your fancy, you can get a Master's in it. Yep, that is a thing that exists. Unfortunately, no PhD programs in cosmetology exist. Sorry. Your childhood dreams of becoming a doctor of beauty will have to come to an end.

Aw, don't cry. Your mascara will run.

Famous People who majored in Cosmetology Services

  • John Frieda, celebrity hairstylist
  • Sally Hershberger, best known for creating Meg Ryan's "Sally Shag" 'do
  • Christine Dolce, a Myspace celebrity
  • Angus Mitchell, the son of hairstylist Paul Mitchell
  • Lee Stafford, award-winning celebrity hairdresser

Percentage of US students who major in Cosmetology Services:


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