The major that combines the easiness of science with the excitement of plants.


Many majors have few real-world applications for the knowledge they gain through their education (philosophy), while some are exercised every day (nutrition). Plant science falls right in the middle of this spectrum. You'll be able to identify plants and explain their characteristics, but you probably won't have people running up to you and asking for advice on choosing the best plants for their garden.

On camping trips, however, you'll be like a super-hero. Being able to identify what's safe to eat and what's poisonous could actually save a life. It won't be often that you exclaim, "Lucky I studied plant science!" while going about your everyday business, but that's not really why you got into this anyway, right?

The kinds of people you'll typically see in these classes are the same sorts of people who took AP Biology in high school instead of Drama or Music. When it comes to electives, these people go straight to science, none of that other nonsense.

When they've finished all those science classes and move on to college, they start rubbing their hands together when they see the labs with all the crazy chemicals ready to be played with (uhh, we mean experimented with). After realizing that chem and bio aren't specific enough for you, you realize you want to spend your life studying those beautiful green things that you've seen growing your whole life: plants.

After you've successfully studied those orchids, apple trees, and grasses, you can look forward to getting a job in a related field. Grad school is an option if you want to gain additional expertise in a specific area of interest, but isn't necessary by any means. But then again, who wouldn't want to spend another two years studying the implications of geographic location on carrots? 

It sounds scintillating—so scintillating, in fact, you may feel compelled to jump for joy. Don't worry, we'll wait.

Famous People who majored in Plant Science

  • Liberty Hyde Bailey
  • Cochin Haneefa
  • William Ruto
  • Ove Paulsen
  • Carl Linnaeus

Percentage of US students who major in Plant Science:


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