Common what now?

What is Common Core?

More than methods of solving math problems that make anyone over 30 uncomfortable, Common Core is the set of high-quality standards for Math and ELA that most states in the U.S. have adopted. Shmoop has thousands of aligned resources to help you teach Common Core, even if you learned “old math.”

It's a Numbers Game

Common Core math standards

So yeah, solving math problems with Common Core involves a few extra steps. Shmoop takes it one step further by using examples that students actually care about, or at least find entertaining. If your Shmudents turn into Russell Crowe in A Beautiful Mind — or at least the Zach Galifianakis meme— well, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Reading, Writing, and Literacy, Oh My

Common Core English Language Arts

That's right... while most teachers might spend all of their time griping about Common Core math, there's plenty of Common Core English to complain about, too! Allow Shmoop to ease the pain with our in-depth literature, informational texts, and foundational skills tools right here. We’re the Ibuprofen of Common Core.


Word on the street

Check out what other students, teachers, schools, and districts are saying about us. And we didn’t even have to pay them to say it.

“Allowing students to work through content at their own pace, to create a blended classroom, one that brings us together to discuss common topics or for me to present new material.”

Elisabeth Hardy
Teacher, Aiken County

“I used Shmoop in my ACT Prep Class and it definitely helped! Shmoop made me realize what I knew and what I needed to work on. I honestly don't know what I would have done if I didn't use Shmoop.”


“I used the practice tests which helped a lot [...] and drills [...] were really helpful in practicing specific skills. I liked how the questions were more focused than other prep guides and the answers explained not only the answer but the entire concept.”


Nothing common about it!

Using Shmoop is common sense

We've got just about the most extensive offering of Common Core materials on the ol' interwebs. We're talking sample assignments, teaching guides, courses, video tutorials, study tools, and assessments.

So, whether you're a teacher with classrooms full of kids or are homeschooling your young 'un, our wealth of resources in this department will impress you to your core.

For more information about the Common Core State Standards Initiative, as well as a list of individual standards, visit

Looking for more?

Yo, teach

When it comes to teaching Common Core, we’ve got your backs. Unlike the nuclear power reactor, this is one core you’re going to want to get cozy with.

Teaching Guides

We've got your lesson plans covered. Personalize your classroom with Shmoop's online teaching guides, complete with quizzes, discussion topics, and activity ideas.

Encyclopedia of Teaching

Tap into the nitty gritty of every topic related to education, including tips to address those awkward parent-teacher conferences.

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