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Due to COVID-19 closures, you now have access to ALL of Shmoop’s premium content through the Florida Department of Education!

That means access to:

Test prep:

  • Advanced Placement, SAT®, ACT®, PSAT, ACT Aspire, FL EOCs, PERT, FSA, and more!

Digital content library:

  • 10,000 Videos
  • 1000’s of all subject teaching and learning guides
  • Intervention for Math and ELA

Online course library:

  • +400 online courses
  • PBIS/SEL online courses
  • Video library of 10,000 videos
  • ACE College Courses
  • Elective, life skill, CTE lessons and more

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Personalized test prep for standardized testing

Shmoop’s approach is different. We leverage diagnostic testing to identify where students need more focus and create a unique test prep program for each test taker. All primary standardized tests are covered, with prep available for ACT®, ACT Aspire, SAT® , PSAT, and AP®.

With Shmoop’s standardized test prep solutions, students can tap into the following components:

  • Placement and diagnostic exams
  • Individualized study plans
  • Targeted drills aimed at improving weak areas
  • Comprehensive, in-depth topic review
  • Full-length practice exams

College readiness resources

College readiness is key, just one of the famous Keys in Florida. In addition to test prep, Shmoop offers several courses, tools and resources that promote college readiness. With the ever-changing requirements for reading and writing, countless Florida students have found success through Shmoop’s Reading for College Success and Writing for College Success Courses.

Virtual School Partnerships

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