PARCC Algebra I

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Is the PARCC Algebra I assessment getting you down? It's okay! As Shmoop Doggy Dog once said, "If solving a rational or radical equation results in extraneous solutions, PARCC it like it's hot." Hmm, that didn't work quite as well as we thought it would. Instead, get ready to PARCC it, drop it, and pop open those laptops like it's hot because Shmoop has the Common Core-aligned assessments, practice items, and breakdowns to help you get ahizzead—er, ahead—in Algebra I.

What's Inside Shmoop's Online PARCC Prep

Shmoop is a labor of love from folks who are really, really into learning. Our test prep resources will help you prepare for exams with comprehensive, engaging, and frankly hilarious materials that bring the test to life. No, not like that. Put down those torches.

College and Career Readiness

PARCC and the Common Core are on your side: they know students don't actually want to stay in high school forever, no matter how much it seems like they do. (Ahem.) Our guide to the PARCC Algebra I assessment features a slew of real-world math scenarios to help students model, reason, and interpret like the marine biologists, race car drivers, and immunologists they'll be.

PARCC and Common-Core Aligned Items

Our items are aligned to Common Core State Standards and PARCC Evidence Statements a-plenty; Shmoop's got assessments and practice items galore. You want DOK-alignment? We've got twenty! (Okay, there are only four DOK levels, but roll with it.) But who cares? No big deal! We've got moooooooore.

Summative Assessments and Practice Problems

The PARCC assessment system is still in its infancy,* so it can be challenging to find practice materials tailor-made for the test. Shmoop's Algebra I guide has one full-length Performance-Based Assessment, one full-length End-of-Year assessment, and hours of drills for a little something extra. In sum, that's a whole lot of algebra—and we didn't even need variables to figure that out.

*Think of PARCC as a baby giraffe. That helps.

Technology-Enhanced Items

Shmoop is a big fan of technology, even if we can't eat it, so we've stuffed our guide to the PARCC Algebra I assessment with spanking new technology-enhanced items. In addition to multiple types of multiple-choice questions, our assessments feature drag and drop, hot spot, graphic response, and equation response items. If solving a rational or radical equation results in extraneous solutions, hot spot like it's…yeah, no. We tried.

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