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Hold Me Closer, Necromancer Plot Analysis

By Lish McBride

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Plot Analysis


Identity Crisis

Sam begins our story extremely unsure of who he is and his place in the world. He's dropped out of college and is living the life of a fast food worker. He senses that there's got to be more to his life than this, but isn't completely sure what that looks like.

Rising Action

Heads Will Roll

There's no life complication like having a scary guy decapitate your friend and tell you that you're a necromancer. All of a sudden, Sam's problem of identity is magnified—big time. He must now simultaneously investigate his hidden past while avoiding Douglas's evil intent.


The Final Battle

Blood! Carnage! Tiny flying dragons! Lawn gnomes! The epic battle between the werewolves and Douglas's minions for Sam and Bridin's lives makes for one heck of a gripping (and somewhat comedic) climax. As if that isn't enough, Sam kills Douglas while on the brink of being destroyed himself. It's about as climactic as things get, Shmoopers.

Falling Action

To the Victor Goes the Spoils

Knocked unconscious after the Douglas killing episode, Sam wakes up in the werewolves' hospital to learn that his struggle is finally over. Douglas is dead, and what's more, Sam has a better sense of who he is now that the powers he was unaware of are unleashed in his body. Bonus: He gets Douglas's creepy house, which could come in handy for video game parties with the gang.


Friends Reunited (Sort Of)

Before he can begin his new career in necromancy, though, Sam has one last thing to do: He must return Brooke's head to her body and reunite her spirit. He sheds tears at her gravesite as he prepares for the ritual, but learns shortly after that she will be one of his spirit guides who will protect him in his new life. It's not goodbye after all. Yay. Oh yeah—and Ramon is also now a were-bear.

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