Study Guide

Hold Me Closer, Necromancer Manipulation

By Lish McBride

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In Hold Me Closer, Necromancer power can do two things to a person: make him into a great leader, or completely ruin him when it comes to ethical behavior. Douglas is definitely a textbook picture of the latter—he's willing to kill, steal, lie, and just about anything else you can imagine to make sure no one steps on his authority. Sam, however, learns to control the previously uncontrollable, including the realm between life and death and the dead themselves—and for him, manipulating these elements just comes with the territory of being a necromancer.

For Douglas, his power is a means of self-protection, self-promotion, and all around evil. For Sam, his power is just part of being alive, something he has to figure out how to use best in order to have a good life with his friends.

Questions About Manipulation

  1. How does Douglas rationalize his manipulation of others? What is his ultimate goal? Is there such a thing as enough when it comes to power for Douglas?
  2. Which characters are manipulating each other throughout the book? What are their tactics?
  3. How does Sam use his experiences in Douglas's dungeon to gain control of his power?
  4. Why does Douglas fly off the handle when Sam raises Ed? What's the big deal?

Chew on This

Douglas's cold, calculating nature is what makes his gift dangerous, not the gift itself.

When Sam gains full control of his powers, he proves to Douglas that he can no longer be manipulated.

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