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The Maze Runner Exploration

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In the world created by Dashner the act of exploration seems to be an activity that grants a feeling of comfort and quietude. The Glade's occupants seem soothed by seeking new places despite their very real geographic limitations, and in the rare occasion that their exploration yields new results, they are exhilarated. Sometimes their exploration is the result of having nothing better to do, and sometimes they go looking. So strap on your hiking boots, khaki shorts, and awesomest Safari hat. We're going exploring.

Questions About Exploration

  1. Why do the Runners persist in exploring the Maze, even though after two years nothing has revealed itself to them? Is it an act of futility?
  2. Why do you think the boys are so reluctant to share their knowledge with Thomas at first? Does their withholding of information make him want to explore more?
  3. A lot of their searching is done with the risk of death over their heads. Do you think exploration for the sake of stubbornness paid off in the long run?

Chew on This

The Runners didn't have to exhaust themselves every single day mapping the Maze, and they should've just done it long enough to realize the movements were repeating, then called it quits.

The Runners had to explore the Maze every day on the chance that the one day they didn't, something might change.

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