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Albert Einstein Websites

Man of the Century

In 2000, Time magazine named Einstein its "Person of the Century," with the great scientist narrowly edging out Franklin D. Roosevelt and Mohandas Gandhi atop the "Time 100" list of twentieth-century greats. The magazine published several Einstein-related articles to commemorate the event.

Einstein — Image and Impact

The Center for the History of Physics, a project of the American Institute of Physics, has built a content-rich online exhibit exploring the life and scholarship of Albert Einstein. Includes an abridged version of Einstein's own essay, "The World As I See It" (1931).

PBS Nova — "Einstein's Big Idea"

Nova, the Public Broadcasting System's flagship science program, has built a substantial website to accompany its broadcast of "Einstein's Big Idea." The site includes a variety of Einstein resources; perhaps most interesting among them are interviews with contemporary physicists, who attempt (with varying levels of success) to explain Einstein's extraordinary ideas to ordinary readers.

American Museum of Natural History — Einstein

The American Museum of Natural History in New York hosted a major Einstein exhibit in 2002 and 2003. While the physical exhibit in long gone, the accompanying website remains, providing students with an excellent portal into the world of Einstein.

Einstein Archives at Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Upon his death, Albert Einstein donated his personal and scientific papers to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Those papers form the core of Albert Einstein Archive, which has made a treasure trove of primary sources available on the web.

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