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Arrow of God

Arrow of God


by Chinua Achebe

 Table of Contents

Arrow of God Characters

Meet the Cast


Ezeulu's pride motivates him throughout Arrow of God. He's the chief priest of Ulu, the god that rules Umuaro. Ezeulu plays a prominent role in Umuaro, a collection of six villages in southeastern...


Nwaka is Ezeulu's nemesis. Every time we see Nwaka in Arrow of God, he's challenging Ulu or criticizing Ulu's high priest, Ezeulu. Nwaka believes strongly that Ezeulu is power-hungry, that he's try...

T.K. Winterbottom

Winterbottom is old-school British military: dutiful, patriotic, and obedient to commands from his superiors, even when he disagrees with their orders. At first, we assume Winterbottom simply likes...


Obika is Ezeulu's son and is an irresponsible young man who drinks too much and acts impulsively. One example of his impulsive behavior is the time when he almost kills his half-sister's husband. E...


Oduche, Ezeulu's next to youngest son, is proud to be his father's "eyes and ears" in the white man's culture by attending church and school. But soon, he finds his loyalties are divided. On the on...


Edogo seems like a good-hearted man. He loves his wife and his child and worries about their health. He is respectful to his father and fulfills his duties to his family. But deep down inside, he r...

Tony Clarke

Tony Clarke starts out with some progressive ideas about colonialism in Africa. He feels the call of duty to "civilize" Africa, but he believes there must be some good in indigenous institutions, a...

Moses Unachukwu

Moses Unachukwu is the first Christian in Umuaro. Having spent several years on a mission station in a neighboring region, and as the only man in all of Umuaro who speaks English, he feels like som...

Mr. Wright

Mr. Wright provides a great contrast with Mr. Clarke and Captain Winterbottom. As a fellow Briton, he's just as immersed in the colonial project as they are. But he chooses a different path. Though...
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