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Because I could not stop for Death

Because I could not stop for Death


by Emily Dickinson

Because I could not stop for Death Resources


Modern American Poetry

A page devoted to the poem that includes a copy of the original manuscript and excerpts of criticism by scholars.

Neurotic Poets

Is Dickinson a "neurotic poet"? We don't like when people explain away genius as some kind of mental eccentricity, but it's an interesting site nonetheless.

Dickinson Biography

Two brief but very useful biographies of the poet.

Dickinson Electronic Archive

This site has promise but is a little hard to navigate. But once you look around, you'll great find links to Dickinson's letters, writings by her family members, and articles by professor-types.


Join the Emily Dickinson group on Facebook.


A Sense of Humor

The New Yorker has a little fun with Ms. Dickinson and sound effects.

Out Loud

Listen to an actresses perform Dickinson poems and letters.


Dickinson Pic
New(ly-discovered), old picture of Dickinson. Scroll down to see the image.


The Emily Dickinson Journal

For all you Dickinson nerds, this is the latest in Dickinson scholarship, and you can access each issue online. (You will need a library or university account to log in.)

Emily Dickinson: Selected Letters

Dickinson's letters are amazing, and some of them are harder to figure out than a Sunday Sudoku puzzle. Check out the letters addressed to some unknown person whom she calls her "Master."

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