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The Real Poop

When you are a kid and you hear that someone's dad is an engineer, you're thinking about The Little Engine That Could and the guy with the funky hat and suspenders who runs the steam train up up up the hill for all the good little boys and girls in WhateverTown. Different kind of engineer. This one couldn’t give a rat’s sass about little boys and girls. (We are sure some aerospace engineers are actually quite fond of children. We just mean to say that it isn’t in their job description.)

Engineers "figure stuff out" (technical definition). They solve problems. Lawyers engineer the legal system. Doctors engineer your biology. And aerospace engineers figure out ways to make stuff work in air and space. Take that, doctors and lawyers.

So the question you have to ask yourself is, "Do I feel spacey?" "Do I have what it takes to be a rocket scientist?" "Do I get excited each day figuring out how to get satellites to spy on people?" Or some iteration of the preceding.