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Bell Curve


Your dark, dingy maintenance hangar resembles a funhouse's Chamber of Horrors. Unknown evils lurk in every corner, and you play "roach roulette" when you turn on the bathroom light.


You slid into a second-shift mechanic's slot at a nice little general aviation airport. Pay's not great, but the work is dependable and it's 10 minutes from home. One of your customers is a flight instructor, and he's teaching you to fly for free.


You got your Inspector's Authorization last year. Now you supervise a team of 10 mechanics at a regional airline hub in the Oklahoma panhandle. The big boss has noticed your work, and you're next in line for promotion. You've got your pilot's license and your own airplane. You named it "Russell Crowe," because it "flies off the handle."


Meet the new worldwide Director of Maintenance for a global airline. You log thousands of air miles weekly, but you're always rested and ready because you've got your own corporate pilot. However, you miss the grease and oil under your fingernails. Your wife doesn't.


You've chucked the corporate job and are working as a top air racer's personal mechanic. You stay in the best hotels, eat amazing meals, and keep his outrageously fast plane in tip-top working order. And you get to join him in the winner's circle.