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Bell Curve


You've uncovered a fossilized wrist bone that reveals the missing link between Homo sapiens sapiens and Homo sapiens neanderthalensis. In the heat of the moment, you squash the bone to bits with ecstatic clapping.


You're a "shovel bum" in the Mojave Desert for the summer. It's 100°F by 9am. Your field operator announces that everyone has been digging in the wrong place. The dig is moved 100 feet to the east and the project starts at ground zero again.


You're a professor of archaeology at a university. You love teaching, but miss fieldwork. In your spare time, you excavate your yard to get your fix.


You've found an ancient civilization in Greenland. The melting polar caps have exposed an ancient tribe. You've named them Icecappies. While you're heralded in the archaeology community, they've decided to change the name of the tribe.


You figured out the mystery of the Sphinx. It revolutionizes how we think of the Egyptian people.