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Bell Curve


Aspiring Librarian. One crate of illegal firearms seized. 

Your first undercover operation went awry and you got shot. Fortunately, your standard-issue Kevlar vest saved your life. Suddenly, you're considering a career in library information science.


Undercover Underachiever. One hundred crates of illegal firearms seized. 

You've had some success in the past, but your latest operation is unsuccessful. The criminals got away and you've lost four years of your life. Not to rub it in, but your love life isn't going so great either.


ATF Agent. Five hundred crates of illegal firearms seized. 

You've been promoted in your first year. You've busted an illegal firearm ring by carefully researching, interviewing witnesses, and conducting surveillance. The fact that you're related to the chief of the task force had nothing to do with it.


The Gun Slayer. One thousand crates of illegal firearms seized. 

You infiltrated a criminal organization, which resulted in hundreds of criminal convictions. An incredible number of illegal firearms are off the streets thanks to you. Guns don't kill guns; you kill guns.


Invisible Savior. One nuclear weapon seized. 

You prevented a major terrorist bombing that could have killed innocent civilians by confiscating its delivery truck off the Florida Keys. You're the biggest hero no one's ever heard of. Jack Bauer ain't got nothin' on you.