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They're remaking M*A*S*H? (Source)

Let's be honest. If being a cardiologist isn't a bit stressful, then something's wrong. After all, as a heart doctor you have peoples' lives in your hands. That's worth a little stress, right?

One of the most stressful things about being an in-demand doctor is, frankly, the demand part. No matter who you are, there are only twenty-four hours in a day. Managing a jam-packed schedule everyday is tough. Making life and death decisions is tough. Doing everything you can, and not having it be enough, is very tough.

So, how do cardiologists handle their stress? Why are you asking us? We're not cardiologists.

Here's what we do know: Cardiologists are human, just like everyone else. Part of the reason they train so long is to gain experience. With experience comes the kind of understanding and maturity needed to handle the stress. Experience helps you accept the fact a certain amount of stress is just part of being a doctor.