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Bell Curve


Not-So-Steadicam. Salary: $29,000 

You've somehow managed to overexpose your film on every shot—now the whole short film looks like it was shot on the surface of the sun. So much for getting a piece to add to your reel.


Proud Union Member. Salary: $38,000 

You somehow managed to squeak your way into the union, even though you still insist on shooting scenes that look like they were shot in the mid-'90s. Even television shows won't hire you. Ditch the retro habit and you just might have a shot at this career.


Sitcom Cinema. Salary: $45,000 

You've landed a gig working on a TV sitcom. You don't get much respect or creative input, but hey, at least you're working and the pay is steady. You have lots of time left in your career to do "artistically fulfilling" stuff, or whatever.


Commercial Camera King. Salary: $67,000 

You've become the darling of Madison Avenue. Every time an ad agency shoots a commercial, everyone wants to call you. The paydays are nice, but it's even nicer that they respect you enough to ask your opinion on the shoot.


The Big Time. Salary: $120,000+ 

You're not sure if you should do the new Spielberg movie or the new Scorsese movie, but the bottom line is everyone in Hollywood is calling you to shoot their new film. Your mother's still confused about what your job is, exactly, but she can tell everyone her son is a big star and that's good enough for her.