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Bell Curve


You bravely stepped into and broke up a street fight outside the embassy in China. Both guys lost face and began to form a united state of their own…against you.


You've just entered life as a diplomat and find yourself in newly formed South Sudan. The people are war-weary and they're not sure what you're doing there. Sometimes, when you're emptying sand from your shoes, you're not sure either.


You've been in the FSO for about five years and have lived in four different countries. Your wife takes care of the family while you're working long hours at the embassy but she's starting to wonder if it's good for her or the kids to be constantly in motion.


You met your new wife, also a diplomat, at a fundraiser for a local charity in Addis Ababa. Turns out she'd been in Ethiopia for a while, made some good contacts, and both of your new assignments are in the same place: Belize.


You've risen in the ranks at a breakneck pace and have made friends, fans, and supporters all over the world. You're known as a shrewd negotiator with even the toughest of international hoodlum/heads of state. You're getting to pick and choose where you want to go.