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Bell Curve


You're only a week into the shoot and you're already two weeks behind. You've been fired and replaced by the guy who directed the last Taco Bell commercial. Which is great because maybe he can get you a job working the drive-thru. You'll need it. Yo quiero unemployment checks.


You managed to finish your first film. However, advance screenings prove your worst nightmare: It stinks. The studio brings you back to reshoot half of it but assures you that you'll probably only get another shot if your movie makes $100 million. Good luck with that.


Your movie broke even at the box office but was torn apart by critics. You may luck out and land another gig but it's gonna require some fancy moves on your part. Hope you brought your dancing shoes....


Wow. Not only did your movie turn a decent profit but it (and you) were nominated for an Oscar. You didn't win, but who cares? The job offers are flooding in.


It's a good thing Spielberg took your advice on his last film because that sequence was beautiful. Oh, and Warner Brothers just called. They want you to direct the new Batman movie. You can call them back from your Italian villa. Life is beautiful!