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Hospice Worker

Physical Danger

We've run through every scenario we can think of, and there's really very little chance of physical danger in this career. Your work environments include offices, the hospice facility, and your personal vehicle. With that said, however, we finally found two possible physical hazards you might face.

You might find yourself overdoing the caffeine so you can spend time with your clients at crazy hours. Besides a slight case of the jitters, you might injure yourself from racing madly around the house vacuuming and dusting when you get home.

The second physical danger also results from working unpredictable hours. Let's say your day doesn't work out exactly as planned, which means you can't get home to take Fido out for his potty break(s). When you do get home, probably late at night, he's likely to knock you down in his desperation to get out the door. At that point, all that caffeine will come in handy, since you'll be up cleaning the carpet for a couple more hours.