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Bell Curve


Somehow you made your clien's house seem even more closed-off than when you began. The colors are all wrong, the paint job is terrible, and the furniture looks like it was picked up at a garage sale. Guess you shouldn't have…picked up the furniture at a garage sale.


You're self-employed, although the "employed" part is a reach. So far you've only had a few bites, but your work has been well received. You got rave reviews from your most recent client, although her testimonial probably won't hold that much weight, seeing as how she's your mother.


You work for a small architectural firm and are contracted out to design homes for the company's clientele. You work with the architects from the very earliest stages to help achieve the look and feel each client has in mind. You are amazed how many people are requesting televisions in their bathrooms these days.


You own your own showroom and business is great. You have a half-dozen employees, including your trusty assistant who accompanies you on every project. Maybe someday your assistant will be as great a designer as you are. Don't hold your breath, kid.


You are the star of I Saw De-Sign on HGTV, a hugely popular design show. You've even become something of a sex symbol. Move over, [insert name of another successful design show host].