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Is your paycheck enough of a motivator for you? Could you take pride in just seeing your clients' succeed? Because most of the glory (prizes, awards, accolades, and triumphs) are reserved strictly for the writers you'll represent. There is no Pulitzer Prize or Oscar for literary agents. But, if your client likes you and is good (and lucky) enough, you could hear your name spoken from the podium, which is, you have to admit, pretty dang cool.

This isn't to say that agents have no sense of personal accomplishment and pride in being. There are plenty of opportunities for success and heartbreak in an agent's career. Signing your first client? BAM. You’re feeling awesome. Selling your first script? Think of the celebration. You're not going to be on the national stage accepting statues of glossy naked men, but there is a career full of highlights and milestones to celebrate with your office and friends. So cheers to you and bottoms up! The personal glory is all yours—that is if you've managed to become an agent in the first place.