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NIH Scientist

Physical Danger

There's not a big chance you'll come into deadly harm's way at the NIH. But you do have to learn not to sweat the small stuff.

Like goose poop.

Praytell? Hey, it's a little known fact. The NIH is home to a huge population of Canadian geese. And where there are geese, there is goose poop. And when there's a lot of goose poop, you've got to watch where you step. Otherwise, you'll be on the hunt for a garden hose and some paper towels.

And if that's not enough of a threat for you and your dignity, there are all the dangers of the laboratory. Some lab animals are mean and enjoy biting scientists, certain chemicals are pretty toxic and can eat right through your clothes if they are spilled, and you've got to be extra careful if you work with blood samples since they could carry nasty diseases. Anthrax germs? Ebola virus? Nah. The safety procedures are hecka strict.