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Bell Curve


Your hard-nosed approach with the inmates finally backfired on you. No, literally. They set your back on fire.


You are a newbie correctional officer at a small jail in Arkansas. Fights break out daily, most often over the composition of grits. You never made it into the union. One day you just fade away in to MallCopLand.


You are a correctional officer at a large prison in New York. The inmates are a dangerous bunch, but you make good money. Yeah, like that'll buy you a new kidney.


Same prison—you have worked your way up to supervisor. Now you make more money and can send your underlings to break up the brawls. Ain't life grand?


Same prison—you are the manager of all other correction officers in the joint. You're the captain of the clink. The sergeant of the slammer. The big cheese of the Big House. Society's rejects cower before you.