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You may not plunge your hands into your patients’ internal organs and tinker with their various valves and whatnot, but you are a doctor. You went through a ton of school, packed your brain cells to their brims with a million bits of data, and you provide a valuable service. Accordingly, you’d better get paid a pretty penny.

As it turns out, you do – but you won’t get paid the pretty dime or quarter that most other doctors rake in annually. Your average psychiatrist makes somewhere in the neighborhood of 170k a year, with those in general medical and surgical facilities making on average slightly less, and those specializing in outpatient care and individual and family services making upwards of 200k.

It’s a nice living, but don’t forget to factor in all those hundreds of thousands of dollars you’ve racked up in student loan debt. Might take you 10-20 years to get it all paid off… if not longer. If that thought stresses you out, you can always seek the help of a qualified therapist to help you through it.

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