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Your social worker career can be filled with small and large "atta girls!" or "atta boys!" Small victories might include a client who keeps a counseling appointment after she's been a three-time no-show; or perhaps an introverted young girl expressing interest in a Girl Scout troop. Small victories can give you the "warm fuzzies" when you least expect it.

On the other hand, large victories can leave you almost jumping up and down with glee. Imagine going to a client's high school or college graduation, knowing you helped her through all those twists and turns along her path. Perhaps you've worked with a domestic violence victim for almost a year. She's finally ready to move out of the women's shelter and into her own apartment. You've helped prepare her for a job search, coaching her on interviewing skills and providing some guidance on workplace attire. She's like a baby bird leaving the nest, and you couldn't be more proud.

Finally, you remember the clients who really needed the basic necessities of life. Perhaps you were able to get food stamps for a single mother of four so the family could have regular meals...or get a homeless veteran into a shelter on the coldest night of the year. These might be simple accomplishments, but you feel you really made a difference for these clients. Their sincere hugs and grateful tears make you realize they felt the same way.