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You can, in your own way, be ruler over an entire animal kingdom. Start small, with a squirrel and an old pair of socks. Create an army of squirrels. Recreate the Battle of The Bulge. Use toads for Germans (they were great at frog marching their prisoners.)

But don't stop there. (Really, don't. That red traffic light only exists in Kookville and you don't want to live there). Become an authority and you could teach classes or sell your creations.

If you have a scientific bent, you can become an authority on biology or ecology, wildlife, or natural resource management. You could become an expert in museum science, archeology—even criminal or medical fields.

The power to realistically render animals in life-like poses is much harder than it looks. Mastering these skills can you give you a lot of satisfaction, the same way furniture building does. Or just be happy conducting your squirrel orchestra.