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Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof


by Tennessee Williams

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Dreams, Hopes, and Plans Quotes

How we cite our quotes: Citations follow this format: (Act.Page.Line). Every time a character talks counts as one line, even if what they say turns into a long monologue. We used the New Directions edition of the play, published in 1971.

Quote #1

[…] human interest story about a well-known former athlete stagin' a one-man track meet on the Glorious Hill High School athletic field last night, but was slightly out of condition and didn't clear the first hurdle! (I.22.125-128)

The fact that Brick's attempt on the track field was picked up by local newspapers reveals how much of a superstar Brick once was and confirms local society's deep fascination with and former love of him.

Quote #2

[…] she notices that he is not looking at her but into fading gold space with a troubled expression. (I.24.183-184)

Williams uses light on the stage to help set the emotional tone for the given moment. Maggie wants Brick to notice her more than almost anything, but he is always far, far away, concerned with the ghost that haunts him and with other, more indefinable things. The "fading gold space" at which Brick looks is ambiguous, but it evokes a fleeting light, and Brick relates to this fleeting light in a "troubled" way. It's as though Brick sees a likeness between the dying of the light and his own mortality and is disturbed by this. Perhaps death is not Brick's desire.

Quote #3

Why? Because human beings dream of life everlasting, that's the reason! But most of them want it on earth and not in heaven. (I.52.834-836)

Maggie is wise and knows what drives humans to want what they want. Because of this, she understands those around her well. This helps her get what she wants.

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