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Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof


by Tennessee Williams

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Characters

Meet the Cast

Maggie (the Cat)

Maggie and Moolah Maggie is, well, a cat. She is also a survivor. We learn that her father was an alcoholic and that her mother sewed her clothes when she was growing up. They didn't have things li...

Brick Pollitt

Brick and the Ghost Handsome, athletic, cool, always just a few steps ahead of everyone, Brick is the favorite of the family and is like the person we've always wanted to be. Upon graduating from c...

Big Daddy Pollitt

Big Daddy's UnderbellyBig Daddy is the patriarch of the Pollitt family. He reminds us of a mix between Cher's father in Clueless and Captain Barbossa in Pirates of the Caribbean. He's the Godfather...

Ida Pollitt

Big Mama is the loud jokester who loves her baby boy (Brick) and who is in a state of jubilation for most of the play after receiving news that her husband is going to live.

Gooper Pollitt

Gooper is Brick's jealous brother who has brought his family to the Pollitt plantation for Big Daddy's birthday. He wants Big Daddy's dough, and he is bitter from being in the shadow of Brick all h...

Mae Pollitt

Mae is Gooper's "society" wife, whom he married because she ran in the good and respected social circles. Mae is "a good breeder," as Big Daddy describes, having brought five no-neck monsters into...

Doctor Baugh

Doc Baugh is the strange, yet oddly appealing quiet doctor who attends Big Daddy's birthday party. He is also the doctor who helps interpret Big Daddy's test results, and he eventually confirms Big...

Reverend Tooker

The Reverend is a greedy man of the church who has come to Big Daddy's birthday party in the hopes of securing some of Big Daddy's wealth in the form of gifts made by the Pollitt family in memory o...