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Charles Dickens Websites

David Perdue's Charles Dickens Page

Dickens enthusiast David Perdue has put together this incredibly useful assortment of Dickens information. The tidy categories displayed on the left side of the page range from the fast facts of Dickens's biography to a glossary of his oft-used terms to sections on his time in London, America, and more. Definitely one to bookmark if you're doing a research project.

Charles Dickens — The Life of An Author

This site from the New York Public Library is a virtual seminar with Dickens expert Kenneth Benson. It offers a fascinating, comprehensive introduction to the writer's life. Definitely a must-read for students of Dickens.

The Charles Dickens Museum

Of the several homes that Charles Dickens occupied in London during his lifetime, only one – the townhouse at 48 Doughty Street that he occupied from 1837 to 1839 – still stands. Today, it is a museum dedicated to the writer's life and works. The website offers photos and a brief overview of Dickens's life during the time he lived there.

Charles Dickens Literature

This is the place to go for quick primary documents on Dickens. The site has a short biography of the writer, but its crowning achievement is the list of links to the full texts of pretty much everything Dickens wrote. And he wrote a lot.

A Charles Dickens Journal

This web journal was first created by an artist planning a one-man show about Charles Dickens. He gathered so much background material in the course of his research that he decided to share his findings with the whole Internet. It has a thorough timeline of Dickens's life, as well as an annotated list of his many works.

Victorian Web

This expansive site provides full background on Dickens in the context of his Victorian era. It explores in detail the sociological meaning of Dickens's fiction, as well as its literary merits. This is a great site to visit if you're doing research on the Victorians.

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