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A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol


by Charles Dickens

 Table of Contents

A Christmas Carol Characters

Meet the Cast

Ebenezer Scrooge

A miserable, bitter old miser, Scrooge hates irrational things like happiness, generosity, and Christmas, until a trio of Ghosts shows him the error of his ways.Really, what's the deal with Scrooge...

Bob Cratchit

The poor clerk that works for Scrooge's moneylending firm, Cratchit is the father of Tiny Tim, an angelic sickly boy.Say what you will about Dickens's many, many strong suits, but subtle characteri...

Tiny Tim Cratchit

The youngest member of the Cratchit family, Tiny Tim is a sickly and angelic small boy whose life hinges in the balance of Scrooge's transformation into a better man.Tiny Tim is one of a long line...

Ghost of Christmas Past

An unsettling combination of a small child and an old man, this Ghost takes Scrooge on a tour of his past Christmases in order to reconnect him to his feelings.The Christmas ghosts have distinct pe...

Ghost of Christmas Present

A hale and hearty fellow, the Ghost of Christmas Present shows Scrooge how the other half—or rather the 99%—spend their Christmas holidays.One pretty ingenious detail about the Ghost of the Pre...

Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come

The Phaaantom of Christmastime Is HereHowever eerie and unpleasant Scrooge's midnight adventures have been, they are all fun and games until the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come shows up. This thing...

Jacob Marley

Scrooge's long-dead business partner is the first ghostly visitor who haunts him, warning him about the Christmas ghosts soon to come.Marley is your run-of-the-mill worst-case scenario. Why does he...


Scrooge's nephew, the son of his beloved but now dead sister, is his only living relative, and also the only person who wants to pull him out of isolation and back into the world.Let's be honest—...


The jolly businessman with whom Scrooge apprenticed, Fezziwig appears in the one happy memory of Christmas Past.If Marley is the worst-case scenario, then Fezziwig is the best case. On the one hand...
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